Dahlia Shed


The Family

Here at the Dahlia Shed it is a family affair.  From field prep to planting and picking everyone is involved.  Amy a stay at home mom has always loved growing flowers and as the family has grown so has the field.  Jesse who has a day job is always willing to lend a hand to fixing irrigation and helping tie dahlias.  Jarrett our oldest when not in school is an excellent tractor driver and transports the flowers from the field to garage to be processed.  Brystol loves to explore the fields and has become a good dead header of spent blooms.  Trenton our youngest is his Mom's side kick and involved in all operations.  


Amy's love of flowers and farming has been a lifelong passion. Growing up on a farm and down the road from her Aunts greenhouse operation she was exposed at a very early age. In high school learning design and about flowers in her Agriculture education classes and participating in the School's FFA Chapter was a great foundation.  Dahlias became a passion when Jesse's grandfather exposed her to a few tubers and a few plants quickly turned into over 500 last season. 



photo credit: Meg Lessard photography 


Jesse and Amy both grew up on a farm and know how important it is to give that same experience to their children.  To all of our customers we thank you for your continued support and look forward to offering more varieties of flowers in the future.